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VOD Update.

Awesome new content on CCTV's Video On Demand!
Tons of great content has been uploaded to CCTV's video on demand. Here is just a sample of the new local content CCTV members have recently produced:
The Concord Band October 2009 Concert
CCHS Band October concert
Life in the Balance Forums Pt 1: Let's Talk Trash
Latest Concord and Carlisle Board of Selectmen meetings.
Entire 2009 season of CCHS Girls Soccer and Freshman Football.
New content from The Carlisle Council on Aging.
Check out CCTV's video on demand (just a slight mouse move up and to your left or) here.  Once in the flash player, click categories to find the content you're looking for.

A Great example of Community Media.


What do we mean by "Community Media"?  We mean media created not just for a community, but by the members of that community, who take part not only to inform but to also create a dialogue that speaks to the interests and concerns of the locale.

The Internet is filled with many real as well as electronic communities. The voices of the real communities work alongside, but often fight to be heard, amongst the electronic ones, who also create media. Millions of pages, posts, links and messages are sent by these electronic communities, often sent with a goal of reaching as far as the Internet can take them. This is why content that actually matters in a localized way often gets lost in the shuffle.

This is why Concord Magazine, a blog published by Concordian Debbie Bier, is a breath of fresh air. If you haven't already found it from the website, you'll find a lot to like in the wide variety of content Debbie writes about.

Content about upcoming events, photo's by our zip codes best photographers, and articles in the vernacular of our town speaking to what people care about. an added bonus is the simple blue design scheme of the blog, which allows viewers to work through the content (often updated several times a week) with very little distraction. Check out Concord Magazine here.



Living in Nanae: Reports from Concord's sister city.

Concord is home to one of the richest and most cultivated sister city relationships in the region. Concord's sister city Nanae is located in the Japanese state of Hokaido, which is the northernmost island.

Since 1998 Concord has sent a single resident to act as Coordinator of International Relations. Since 2008 this resident has been Concordian and CCTV friend Bobby Kargula.


Bobby visited the studio last week and brought 8 highschool students from Nanae with him.


The students sat down for a formal interview show where they discussed the unique, immersive experience of attending an American high school. watch Adventures in Global Citizenship on demand under category 'CCHS Stuff'


Bobby has speant a year in Japan so far and has been keeping a diary of his travels.

CCTV and CC Weather Service: Who knew weather got this local?

Thanks to a grant privided by The Concord Education Fund, CC Weather Service is keeping Concord and Carlisle informed about weather conditions 7 days a week.  Jeff Yuhas of the CCHS Science Department started CC Weather Service to get students interested in meteorology, news, and public speaking, involved in a project that engages the community.


Watch the most recent CC Weather Service Update on our brand new Vimeo account.
















CCTV & The CCHS Urban Art Club Team Up!

CCHS’s Urban Art Club has long practiced the ancient art of graffitti just outside the doors of CCTV’s studio, while those working inside were often at a loss of words on how to direct someone en route to the station, exactly how to get to our little space nestled around back (actually not exactly around the back… well, it’s complicated.)

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