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These meetings held Monday, November 7th in Concord, and Tuesday, November 8th in Carlisle will both be covered by CCTV. 

Concord Town Meeting will be broadcast LIVE on channel 9 beginning at 7pm.  Details about the meeting can be found on the Town of Concord's website.

Carlisle Town Meeting will be recorded and reaired on Channel 9 on Wednesday, November 9th.  Information about Carlisle's Town Meeting can be found on the Town of Carlisle website.

If Concord Town Meeting goes into a second day, Tuesday, November 8th, both meetings will still be covered in full and Concord's meeting will be live on Channel 9.

If you have any questions regarding coverage of the meetings please contact CCTV either by phone: 978-369-5038, or by email at

See you all at Town Meeting!

Concord and Carlisle Special Town Meetings sticky icon


Both the towns of Concord and Carlisle will be having special town meetings in November to discuss the construcion of the new High School, and the funding regaurding its creation.

The Concord Town meeting will be held on November 7th, at 7pm in the Concord Carlisle High School Auditorium.  This meeting will be broadcast live on channel 9.

The Carlisle Town meeting will be held on November 8th, at 7pm, in the Corey Auditorium.   Carlisle Town meeting will be broadcast the evening after the meeting, on the 9th. 

The Special Town Election to consider excluding the debt from the high school construction project considered at STM will occur on November 15 in both towns.

Both meetings will be available to watch online via out streaming video "On Demand" player found on our website, the evening after they have been filmed.



Hello all!  If you have a camera, and have always wished you knew how to edit those old home videos, now is you chance! Starting next week from 5:30pm to 7:30pm on Oct. 4th, and continuing on the 5th, and 12th, CCTV will be hosting an Intro to Final Cut Pro class. 

What is Final Cut Pro? Final Cut Pro is currently one of the leading video editing programs out on the market, for both consumers and video professionals. While not all video editing software is the same, they share similar concepts. As such, you will leave this course with an understanding of video editing that will be applicable to any video editing software you might use in the future.


The class costs $40.00 and you will need to attend all three classes. Our very skilled and charming Ben Phillippo will teach this class. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Film from Emerson College, and spent some time working out in LA. If you want to sign up, or have any questions about the class, please feel free to contact our Education and Outreach manager Kester Krueger. E-mail him at or call 978-369-5038.


It should be fun!

Severe Weather Warning! sticky icon

“The Town of Concord is preparing for severe weather associated with Hurricane Irene. Damaging wind, bulk precipitation with flash flood conditions, and thunderstorm activity are all potential adverse conditions encountered in hurricanes.

The exact timing and track of Hurricane Irene are being closely monitored, but it does appear that Concord will receive substantial effects from this storm in terms of heavy rainfall and high winds. The Town website has an advisory statement with important links containing key storm preparation suggestions.

Please monitor the Town of Concord website for more information at”

Worried about the hurricane?  This Hurricane Preparedness website is full of information to keep you and your loved ones safe in the storm.

Heat Advisory from the Town Emergency Management Director sticky icon

Today and tomorrow will bring extremely hot weather conditions. Please see the below advisory issued by MEMA.  Residents can access a cooling shelter as noted below.

In response to the extreme temperatures forecast for the next few days, the Harvey Wheeler Community Center will be open as a cooling center Thursday and Friday, 12 noon until 9pm. There are no age restrictions. Please feel free to stop by if you would like to escape the extreme temperatures forecast. If transportation is an issue, during business hours please call 978-318-3020 (the COA Office), or after hours please call 978-318-3400 (Public Safety Dispatch).

Please remember that the Concord Public Library -  Main Library and Fowler Branch - are also air conditioned and welcome the public. The Main Library and Fowler Branch summer hours vary somewhat, and are posted on the Library web site at:  

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