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Today you are all in for a treat!  At 4pm the entire CCTV staff will be broadcasting live out of WIQH Concord's local radio station! So, if you're in Concord set your dials to 88.3FM.  Not in Concord? Don't worry, you can tune in online at by clicking on the listen live link!


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Often, the staff and volunteers receive thanks and praise for our efforts to build Public-Education-Government (PEG) access television.
Sometimes, we hear, "How can you show THAT?"
Public access TV in Concord and Carlisle means it is programmed by the residents who choose to furnish programming. Most of the programming you will see will be produced by members of the community -- either private individuals and community-based organizations (Public: Channel 8), or the town governments (Channel 9). This public access station is an electronic forum for free expression by the residents.
Sometimes, viewers may say "There ought to be a law about what I saw last night!" There IS a law: the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and its guarantee that "Congress shall pass no law abridging the freedom of speech..." Basically, any resident is free to say or do anything he or she wants on their own access TV program, provided that they provide assurances that their program does nor contain any illegal content. This illegal content is defined, in part, by our cable television access agreement with the Town of Concord.
We have agreed to maintain a public forum for the free expression of ideas -- even ideas you or I might find offensive or worse -- as long as we prohibit all of the following types of content in programs:
1. Commercials or advertising
2. Libel or slander
3. Obscenity and pornography
4. Any violation of copyrights, publicity rights, or invasion of privacy
5. Any violation of FCC regulations
6. Any violation of any local, state, or federal law.
When a CCTV member submits a program for broadcast, the member must complete and sign a Request form, and in so doing assumes responsibility for the content. If you see something on our channel which does not fall into one of the above categories, but which upsets you anyway, you have the right to join us CCTV, and learn how to produce your own program or message on the channel, to counteract the programming that upset you. As Supreme Court Justice Brandeis said: "...avert the evil by the process of education... the remedy to be applied is more speech, not enforced silence."
If you'd like to know how the FCC defines obscenity, and the very different type of content called "indecency," you may read their Consumer Fact Sheet at While CCTV is not directly regulated by this FCC policy, which is applied to broadcasters like the local network stations, it will follow this policy, especially as concerns the scheduling of so-called adult programming after 10 PM. Some information contained in this letter has been adapted from NewTV in Newton, Mass., and we are grateful for their assistance. CCTV, Inc.

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We regret to inform to communities of Concord and Carlisle that CCTV's Executive Director, Charles Paige, has decided to take an opportunity at the newly forming Acton Community Access TV.  His final day of work for CCTV will be on Friday, January 28th.  Please come into the studio this week and say goodbye to the man who has helped make CCTV the vibrant and active organization that it is today.

The following is the official announcement from CCTV board member and founder, Court Booth.

Concord and Carlisle citizens, schools, community organizations and our local governments have been very, very fortunate. We've enjoyed the addition of Charley Paige to our community, in his capacity as Executive Director of CCTV. Over the  four years, Charley has led local access television remarkably well. Today, we regret to inform CCTV audiences that Charley is concluding his service here this month and will be taking the reins of a new start-up, Acton's access television.

Charley, and the CCTV staff he leads, have worked successfully with hundreds of local citizens to transform PEG (public-education-government) television for local viewers. Under his tenure, robotic studios have been implemented in Concord's Town House and Carlisle's Town Hall; one channel is now three, with daily programming on each; coverage of local government functions is more complete than ever before; CCHS students and teachers are vital contributors; on-demand, web-based programming from Concord-Carlisle is available to anyone with an Internet connection; the studio is a friendly, high-functioning resource for any citizen or organization with a message they wish to share by creating a show; and, as any viewer of channels 8-9-10 knows, the quality and breadth of programming has surpassed every expectation. It's great! Charley's technical knowledge, superb leadership, and obvious passion for community television have enabled all of these achievements and more. 

CCTV's Board of Directors is a group of 16 volunteers who wish the best for CCTV and the community we serve. We've benefited from the best - Charley Paige - during his tenure here. Now that CCTV is a stable and respected part of the community fabric in our towns, we can say with confidence to our neighbors in Acton: be ambitious, and create a lofty vision for community access TV - Charley Paige will help you get there.

 Last week, new CCTV board president Rob Mast gave us all reason for confidence. "We're sorry to see Charley go, of course, but we do understand the appeal of a start-up enterprise. It's what attracted him here. He has developed a superb staff and we're in good shape." Thanks, Charley, from a grateful audience. 

Court Booth, volunteer Board of Directors Concord Carlisle Community Television

 Note: if you wish to contact Charley  email him at


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UPDATE:  We are back to full power.  Thank you for your patience throughout this matter.


CCTV is currently experienceing a prolonged power outage.  Please call the office at 978-369-5038 before you come in.  If no one answers please do not come in.  We still have minimal access to email, so if you need anything please contact each of us via our email addresses.

Charley -

Lindsay -

Kester -

Thank you for your patience in this matter, and stay tuned for updates.

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