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CCTV has a new Station Manager!

The board of directors of CCTV, Inc. is pleased to announce that Sue Merlino of Concord has joined the staff of CCTV, Inc. as Station Manager.  She is teaming with Kester Krueger, Education and Outreach Manager, and Sam Krueger, Production Manager, to serve the Concord and Carlisle members of CCTV in their efforts to make local television productions to be broadcast on Comcast cable channels 8 (public access programming), 9 (governmental programming) and 99 (educational programming.)


Sue is a former member of the board of directors of CCTV, Inc. She has produced many shows that have been broadcast on CCTV. She was CCTV's 2010 Volunteer of the Year and 2011 Producer of the Year.  She won the 2011 New England Regional Alliance for Community (ACM) Media award for her program "Sips and Tips" and the 2013 national ACM award for producing "Concord Carpenter."


Sue previously was the owner-operator of Concord Bike Tours. Before that she was an elementary teacher in the Concord Public School system. She has been active as a member/volunteer with the Concord Rotary Club, Concord Chamber of Commerce, Emerson Hospital, and CCTV.  She is currently taking classes in digital media arts at Emerson College to enhance her current production skills and knowledge of media-making tools and techniques.


CCTV will hold a "meet-and-greet" for the membership and community members of the towns of Concord and Carlisle to meet Sue and talk with the staff of CCTV about how to get more involved with making local television.  The board and the staff of CCTV, Inc. invite the citizens, businesses, and not-for-profit organizations of Carlisle and Concord to come meet the new Station Manager at the CCTV studio in the CCHS high school (500 Walden Street, Concord, MA) on Wednesday, April 2 at 7 p.m.  Refreshments will be provided.

Live Streaming the Concord Board of Selectmen Meeting Tonight

The Concord Board of Selectmen's Meeting is streaming tonight right here!  Just hit play on the player below.


UPDATE!!! Live Stream is Down

As of 6:40pm on 11/18/13":  The stream is down, but we have an alternative source for tonights Concord Board of Selectmen's Meeting.  Click on this link to see the meeting.



Thank you and enjoy!


We just wanted to let everyone know that the "Watch Live" function above is currently down. We are working on reintegrating our systems and will be unable to stream indefinitely. Please stay tuned.

If you are looking for meetings, you can watch them live on channel 9 at their scheduled time or you can watch them later on CCTV's Video on Demand in the menu above.

Thank you for your patience.

Matt's Moving Story

As mentioned before, Matt Geiger, former Production Manager here at CCTV, has moved to LA with his lovely wife Mary.  They are literally driving across this great country, visiting family, seeing the sites, and looking for adventure.  If you would like to follow their travels and see the world through Matt and Mary's eyes head to their travel blog


"West Coast Calamities" 


Subscribe, be amazed, and enjoy.


We are wishing Matt and Mary the best of luck during their Trek and look forward to seeing the trouble that they get into. 

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