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Instead of walking around to CCTV's Main Entrance, CCTV's members should now enter through the door located next to WIQH, on the same side as the parking lot.  The new entrance is in lime green on the above image.   Please note that the door has a CCTV sign on it as well. 

if you find the door is locked when you are attempting to come in, please use any school entrance and then let us know.  CCTV members should not be coming into the main school building unless the new entrance is locked.


Changes happened faster than we can update, but stay tuned in to the CCTV Facebook Page, and the Twitter Feed for information as we get it.


Above weather map is from  It shows the predicted snowfall by 7am on Saturday, Februray 9th.

Due to the impending storm, CCTV will be closed on Friday, Februray 8th.  Please stay home. Stay Warm.  And stay safe during the blizzard.

We will reopen at 9am on Monday, Februray 11th.





As many of you know, CCTV is located in Concord-Carlisle High School at 500 Walden Street in Concord, MA. 

Beginning February vacation (the week of Feb. 18th) CCHS will be beginning a 2-3 year new building construction project.  What this means for CCTV is that parking, access, and studio hours all may end up changing. 

Starting immediately, CCTV members must change where they park.  You will no longer be able to drive up to the CCTV main entrance.  This will now be in the construction zone.  A fence is being constructed 10 feet away from the building for walkway access, but no vehicle access.  What does that mean for you?

  • When visiting CCTV please enter from the Walden Street Entrance of the building.  The Thoreau Street entrance is being used at the main entrance for all construction vehicles.
  • All members must park within the fenced in parking lot, which was formerly the student parking lot.  This lot is split into 2 main areas which is going to be used by Seniors, Faculty, Staff, and visitors.  The back lot (Farthest from the building) will be for students.  The larger lot that is closest to the school is for teachers, staff and visitors. 
  • You will need a parking pass when parking.  CCTV is working on the details of obtaining parking passes for all members, or guest passes that must be picked up and dropped off at CCTV.
  • You must NOT walk through the building.  CCTV members should be walking around the building, using the new fenced in walkway, to get to the CCTV main entrance. 
  • Be patient.  The construction is going to be going on until the proposed opening of the new CCHS in 2015.  Things will change and we will attempt to keep you as informed as possible throughout the process.

The diagram above shows the parking situation.  Please park in the yellow area and walk around through the orange fencing to the CCTV main entrance.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about parking please contact Lindsay at 978-369-5038 and she will do her best to answer your questions. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

CCTV Annual Meeting 2013 sticky icon

CCTV is holding its Annual Meeting this year in a new place to make it a bigger and better event!  Please join us as we bring our members together and to educate the public about what CCTV is all about.

When:  Wednesday, January 23, 2013
             7:00pm - 9:00pm

Where: Emerson Umbrella Center for the Arts
            40 Stow Street, Concord

This is a FREE event!

Come celebrate the successes of CCTV and it's members over the past year.  Goodies will be available and refreshments will be served.   

So bring your friends, neighbors, children or yourself to Emerson Umbrella and have an enjoyable night!

Awards to be given out are:

Producer of the Year 2012, Volunteer of the Year 2012, Golden DVD, and the President's Award

We look forward to seeing you!

Happy New Year! sticky icon

We're Back!

CCTV has reopened after the holidays and couldn't be more excited about 2013.  Our new years resolution is to assist more members create the programming they have always dreamed about.  So whether you are behind the camera, in front of the camera, or just the brains behind the editing process, check out howCCTV can help you achieve your goals.

We are open 9-5 Mondays and Fridays and 9-8 Tuesdays - Thursdays.  Come on in and say hi!

Also, with the new year we have some new changes to our staff.  Ben Phillippo has officially left our ranks to join the crew of Greater Boston on WGBH.  We are extremely excited and happy for him, but now we are in need of a person with passion for government.  CCTV is looking for someone to assist with meeting coverage.  The position is for roughly 4 hours approximately once every other week.  It's pretty low key, and it allows you to understand more about what your community is doing!  Contact Lindsay at if you want more information!


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